• Hi! And welcome to my are you a feminist? Test. Do you think the word "feminist" means you once burned your bra? (You'd be wrong about that . . . never really happened). Think pink is a "girly" color? I'll be using advanced logic, my own kickassish meanderings, and knowledge to determine your true nature. The results of this test may surprise the femi-nazi right out of you, where you will begin to adorn yourself with pussy and go into serious ninja mode whenever a penis comes within striking distance. Beware: this test will make women into lesbians and turn men into sissies. Men look better as sissies anyway, don't you think?
  • ***!!DISCLAIMER!!*** This test is just for fun . . . has a little trivia. Really, anyone can be a feminist if they fight for equal rights, and support women as independent, autonomous beings with desires of their own. This is not limited to women. This is just to give a bit of information so I don't receive a ton of hatemail in the upcoming weeks. I mean, I don't have to send you an email to tell you that I hate you. It's one of these things we just *know* ;) ***!!NO REALLY!!*** If you are in any way, shape or form feeling a little emotionally unstable right now, PLEASE- don't take this test. Feminism is ALL about equality. Anyone can be a feminist. This, however does not mean that I've been a nice person in the results section. I'm really not trying to be mean. It's just a gentle push in the way of AWARENESS. Inform yourself . . . don't take anyone else's word for it.

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