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  • Hi! And welcome to the "Are You a Player" test. ** I THINK I have fixed what was wrong, so you should get a more "accurate" reading** Everyone has run across the committed online player. You know who I mean: the guy or gal who seems too good to be true, who seems to be able to look right into your soul, who has so many things in common with you. Yeah right! They have the same things in common with the 15 other people whose souls they seem to be looking into. And when you finally corner 'em with the BS -- they skillfully slip away into the slime. Being a player is fine, as long as you both know that's what the set up is. But what about all those people who would really like to meet a a PERSON? It makes navigating a personals site in today's world a minefield. This short test will tell you if you are player or if you are not. It will also tell you what your designation is, in detail! It's all scientific, of course. Right of the top of my head! ;-D For those who aren't a member of OKC: A "woo" is a button you can click that alerts someone that you think they are hot. You do not have to write anything; it shows in their mailbox as a message. There is lots of debate as to whether sending a "woo" is just a cop out or a measure of shyness. Note: The gorilla picture and the tribble (aka guinea pig) picture were both taken by me. The other 2 pics are royalty free.