• Alright so this is a question that seems to pop up into my head from time to time and I can never seem to answer it myself... sometimes I think the answer would be so clear and easy but then I begin to look at the other side of it and I wonder what I would really do... so here it is... lets say you are standing in a room by yourself and there is a table with a red button on it... if you push this button all of humanity will cease to exist... yourself included... no explosions... no pain... just poof!... gone... do you push the button? Most of you are probably thinking to yourself... "Of course not... why would I do something dumb like that?!" But here is a little trip into my thinking process; usually I'm reading some really fucked up thing from someone on the net... like neo nazi-ism or extreme gay bashing or basically any form of extremism, and I think to myself, "Why is the world full of so much shit... this planet would be so much better off without this trash hanging around... wouldn't it be cool if there was just a button I could push and humanity would cease to exist?... I mean shit... I'd take one for the team if it meant this planet would be a better place because of it... and I know I sound all tree hugger-ish here... but that's not it... it has something... but very little to do with... the destruction we humans are wreaking on the environment of this planet. What I am speaking of specifically is to eradicate the horrible people who treat others like shit, but here's the dilemma... as long as humans exist on this planet people will treat each other as such... and as optimistic as I would like to be about it... the simple fact is people like nazis will always exist... no matter how hard good people work to eradicate the scum... they will continue to plauge this earth... so, how do we solve this problem... we push the button! But then I think about all the people who have played roles in my life that have restored my faith in humanity... I imagine all of the people I love just evaporating... and I am horrified... because I become the thing I hate... I become the person doing horrible things to wonderful people... I think about all the beautiful things in this world and how horrible this world would be WITHOUT those things... and of course we need humans for these wonderful things to exist... so it becomes a balance of awe-inspiring works of humanity vs. humanitarian atrocities... and I can see myself standing there... holding my finger right above that button... being so ready to just drop my hand on it... but then not being able to force myself to move my finger another inch... So the question becomes... after a few petty millenia of existence... after building massive immortal structures and creating such awesome works of beauty... after creating machines that can take a life in mere moments... after harnessing the enormous energy of the universe through equipment made to advance humanity... and then releasing that energy as a destructive force on our fellow beings in the form of the atomic bomb... after creating systems that are made to bring humanity closer together but finding that it only separates us from one another a little more each day... does the human race deserve to continue living? And if the ultimate desicion were up to you... what would you do? so tell us... are you gonna push the button?

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