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  • Ok, first of all, a large percentage of people willnot show up in this test rating, why? They have no attention span. This is a first test thing where if you dont read all of this. you can skip around and skim it. so ha. im going to rant oooon and oooon until you leave. im not even going to dignify you with this test. just crwal back into that little hole you call you're life and see everything you can, for 2 seconds at a time. still here? then the answer to the first question isnt cheese or bacon or monkies or shoeflies or 5 or 0 or 2 or 1. im hoping you are still here are you? because that was a lie there. or was it? no it wasnt... ok it was. the answer to number one is really not red. so click that. ok there you go. if you got this far you already have alot of attention to span. hah.