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  • I fixed the test now--Hi. As you can see, this is yet another 'compatibility' test...scary, no? Basically, the idea behind this is for me to get an idea as to what you might be like in person, but honestly, no one can be completely represented by these quizzes, as (hopefully) most people are more complex than what this claims to measure. All that aside, though, this was written to give me something to go off of, so please answer honestly, as that would ensure the best results. Oh! & btw: this is a female-seeking-male test, so if you're a girl, I'm sorry, but I didn't design this test to find friends or lesbian lovers, so...sorry ^_^"". I may write a friend test later, but for now, these 2 things are all I have. Oh, & most importantly: if you are either below 19 or over 29 years of age, then you might want to move on and find another compatibility test to take, as I'm not interested, even if you do score well. Now, this is the first test I have in determining compatibility, so if you finish with this one and score well, I'll tell you to go on to the next one, which is really my real compatibility test. Anyway, hope you have fun and good luck, guys!