• Welcome to the "Beat My Cat at Hard Trivia Test." The way this works is simple...I will give you a series of 15 very difficult trivia questions with only two possible answer choices. You must choose the correct answer, or guess if you have no clue. The questions will be from a variety of areas ranging from the general to the very specific. My cat has also taken the same trivia test. Along with poker, he enjoys trivia it just so happens. The way his trivia-taking worked is the following: I took his paw in my hand, and helped him to flip a coin for each question. We recorded his answers, and now he's ready for some competition. One rule: You are not allowed to search on the internet for answers, because that would be unfair against a cat who can't read. He swears he will come and scratch your eyeballs out if you ever try this. I wouldn't cross him if I were you... Good luck, he knows his stuff! Here's your enemy, gearing up for the challenge:

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