• I feel the quest to find true love is the hardest challenge a person will have to face in their lifetime. Some people never find it. I believe from the time you are born, you are placed in a maze with several different people, and within this maze your perfect match is starting from the opposite direction. During your journey, you bump into many different people. Sometimes those people set you back, and you're one step behind. The more time you waste with the wrong ones, the longer it'll take you to find the right one. These obstacles in the road also help you, they make you stronger, and give you more perspective. Without these people, you would have never had a chance with the right one. Because without them, you wouldn't be the person you are. The right one will come when they're suppose to come. It's all planned out. Hopefully, this quiz will advance my steps in finding that beautiful stranger who's the most familiar being my soul can identify. Who knows? Maybe both of our lives will be changed someday.

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