• I get a lot of messages on OKCupid from people who are interested in me -- unfortunately, they tend to make the same mistakes over and over. I tried writing up a journal entry about what kind of person I was looking for, but they didn't seem to read that. To save them (and myself) some time, I thought I'd make a quiz. Now you can determine if it would be a waste of your time to send me a message with just a few clicks of a mouse! (You should know that, though this test is called The Boyfriend Application, women are free to take it.) I think I have a lot going for me as far as a potential date goes. I'm intelligent, motivated, confident, attractive -- and look, I can form a coherent sentence! I'll let you determine that for yourself, but the evidence I've managed to gather over the past several years indicates to me that there are many people who might want to date me. My problem is that there are very few people I am interested in dating. Not liking the idea of being the Cat Lady by choice, but refusing to settle in order to avoid that, I created this test. I'm an optimist, so I'm betting on at least a few people managing to do well. Good luck!

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