• Notice! This test is super-beta! So beta it's alpha! It's up so I can get feedback from friends. Take it at your own risk. And if you do, feedback would be nice. And yes, I know there aren't any categories. Thanks! Studies show that most people don't have very well defined political ideals, but we do have solid political ideas. Most everybody knows where they stand on the issues. This test attempts to infer some ideals from your ideas. We'll try to examine your positions on the issues and by looking at your reasons, take some guesses as to which political philosophy and party best suits you. This test is a work in progress. Scoring is incredibly difficult, as it is both an empirical and a theoretical issue. If you have any thoughtful, well-researched suggestions, please let me, fedallah, know. If you want to either just make shit up or complain, please message carsos.

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