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  • Hi! And welcome to my crossdressers Test. this test is directed toward men. I'll be asking you questions to see how womanly you are and how gay you might be.
  • 1
    do you like to wear womans clothing?

  • 2
    do you wear the opposite genders clothes out in public?

  • 3
    are you gay

  • 4
    do you know what a garter is?

  • 5
    do you know what the difference between a plunge bra and a push-up bra?

  • 6
    do you know what the difference between a racerback bra and a convertible bra?

  • 7
    assuming that we all like porn, what kind is your favorite?

  • 8
    do you shop at victorias secret?

  • 9
    have you ever had a homosexual sex encounter?

  • 10
    when you are home alone what do you wear?