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  • Hi! And welcome to my Dealer Test. No, it is not a measure of how well you handle cards and it will not affect your chances of getting a job in Reno. We are talking drugs. Ooooh drugs ...much like those things that alter your mind everyday such as TV, sushi, someone's company...hmmm. Ok nearly everything in life is mind-altering, even this test! Well well...i wonder why they made them illegal anyway. Oh well. The point of this test is to measure how well you would fare dealing drugs.Put your moral compasses aside,if you have them... There are THREE catagories you will be judged on: 1) Pan Duro = How well you handle money and know the value of drugs. 2) Social Engineer = How well you handle people in various circumstances. 3) Shadow = How well you can be covert, conceal information, and be sneaky.