• Everywhere you go, you'll find local variations in spoken language. This test will cover some of the quirks and oddities in pronunciation and usage that I, as someone who moved to Minnesota as an adult more than 10 years ago, have noticed and been amused or annoyed by in my area. Some of these undoubtedly apply to the Midwest as a whole, and some may even exist in other regions, but to me they'll always be Minnesota-isms, because it wasn't until I came here that I encountered them. I could say the objective is to help travelers both to and from Minnesota understand each other better, but really I just want to write an amusing test. Hope you enjoy it! Update 3/27/06: I added two questions to the test and changed the scoring to be percentage-based instead of raw score-based. That'll keep the scoring more consistent if I add more questions later, but it does kind of destroy the scores of the people who took the test in the first two days it was up. Sorry!

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