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  • A test by Ancient-Gallery aka Roman Wilderness


    Just a simple test on The Doors and their music. There are 33 questions, some easy and some hard, but nothing too obscure. In a lot of ways this is a typical Doors test.


    The unusual thing about my test is not the test itself, but the scores, which are based around Morrison's lyrics and portray a sequential journey, from darkness to enlightenment. When you finish the test, you'll get a strange, surreal, and hopefully interesting Doors lyric for your score, telling you your level of "perception" in the universe of The Doors as depicted through Morrison's lyrical metaphors. The results might not make a lot of sense to you, depending on how deeply you believe in Jim's philosophy, and/or how many Doors songs you know.


    As they say on t.v. during a test of the emergency broadcast system : "this is only a test." So take your score with a grain of salt. Lacing the salt with a little acid will probably help.