• Hi! And welcome to my The EMO Test. After extensive research I have the perfect test to see if you’re emo. If your not sure if your emo, how emo you are, or want to prove your not emo. Then this is the test for you. It takes on all aspects of emo-trends I could fined and I may be adding more if I find any, if I have missed something pleas notify me so I can improve my test. BTW this is the only good emo test on this site, I haven’t seen another test as accurate as mine, I cover all aspects wile others only cover a few, you wont get emo on this test unless you truly are emo.Now with improved spelling.(I think) (pleas note that this test is not to be taken seriously, and if you do, you are taking yourself too seriously and should learn to laugh at yourself. I do know that 'emo kids' dont do most of these things, but this test is ment to steryotype. Thank you.)

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