• Hello All, This test is designed to see how much you know about the movie stars we all know and love. We've seen Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr & Mrs Smith, we know they've had a child together, but what were their first movies? Don't know? Try the quiz to see just how many of the first movie outings of my 20 stars you know... There's no doubt about it, this is a tough quiz. I'm a movie fan and I guess I'd get maybe 25% if I was lucky, so don't worry if you don't score highly, I doubt anyone will without cheating! Take it as it's meant to be, which is to see what turkeys some of our favourite stars appeared in before they made the big time. Some started off with a big part and then went downhill from there... Oh, try to do this without using IMDB or any other source of information apart from your own noggin, also I have given the first MOVIE they appeared in, some of them weren't even given a credit for the part they played, so I've trusted IMDB got it right, I have NOT included a TV appearance if that came first. Finally, for your information I have given the names of 4 movies that they actually appeared in...

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