• Hi! And welcome to my Flower Knowledge Test. This test is designed to determine 1. how much basic knowledge you have about flowers and 2. how well you understand them as cultural elements and symbols. If you don't like flowers or have never seen one, don't take the test. There are many sections in this test, each with its own purpose. You will be asked about colors, number of petals, blooming time, and symbolic use; also, you will encounter a pictorial identification section. You will also receive a score for humorous answers, so if you don't know, don't skip it! Ready? Let's go. Disclaimer: Images (some of them) found in this test have been found on the Internet over the past couple of years. If you see your image and want me to remove it, message me and I will! Be patient, please, as I may not check OKCupid every day.

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