• Chh, chh, chh . . . aah, aah, aah. The Friday the 13th series is one of the longest if not the longest running horror movie series. This popular series has garnered a tremen-dous cult following and has had a tremendous impact on our pop culture. This series has even inspired a television series in the late 80s. Jason Voorhees is the maniacal star of this blood drenched series. With his trademark hockey mask, Jason often hunts down young lovers to dispatch them with his trusty and sharp machete. There will be twenty questions and one bonus question. Some questions will be easy and some will be hard. All will be fun though. There will be a four level scoring system. You will either win a golden, silver, bronze or rusty hockey mask. Beware if you win the rusty hockey mask. Jason is sure to get you. So how well do you know our hockey mask wearing and machete loving friend? Take my test to find out . . . if you dare.

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