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  • Welcome. There can be no absolute objectivity. As all structures are fundamentally created by humans, there fore the structure is subjective to the ideologies therein. Maths, logic, science are concepts and theories presented by humans to quantify and measure, yet, time, space, numbers are intangible and how then can they be contained within these structures?
  • Why then do we try to quantify? For security, perhaps? Why then do we build little bridges in the desert? The grains of sand will only be ours for a short time. Though it is inherently human to be curious, the archetypes of humanity were recognised and defined on those bridges and from that point forth it has been human curiosity to understand and measure those qualities and failings. Is time contained within the framework of bridges, or do we build the bridges around time? So humour me and take this test. I know who I am and and you know who you are. Are you the one to build a bridge with me, not to contain time but to sit under and shelter from and revel in the liberty that space affords.