• Hi! And welcome to my Gypsy or Pirate Test. I have noticed from my extensive study of Live Action Role Play Games, Rennaisance Faires and Society for Creative Anachronism gatherings that it is frequently difficult to tell whether you are a GYPSY or a PIRATE. What's worse, if you dress as either one, people are bound to make class jokes. "Hey Pirate Guy, come shiver MY timbers!" "Hey Gypsy Chick, black magic woman! Ye-ah!" If we declared teams and had gypsies fight pirates, confusion would abound. I've even had people insisting that certain individuals were dressed more like one or the other. I would also like to point out the astounding lack of female pirates and male gypsies. Perhaps you guys should breed.
  • Know your Gypsanity people! Maintain a level of Piratitude in that gypsy camp.

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