• This is a test of MADNESS, and MAYHEM, and CARNAGE! At this moment, I'm sniffing the scent of... MY OWN BLOOD! Or not. Maybe it's just a simple, fucktarded test on the degree of compatibility that you may or may not have with me based on what I can absolutely tolerate, desire, wish, and desperately need from another orgasm... organism. Yes. This compatibility isn't exactly a romantic one. It's more on whether or not I'd trust you as a human being, whether I could bare my soul towards you and be real good friends, and thus, if the occasion arises, move towards some kind of emotional/romantic crapshitstuff. INDEED. I'm writing this after I've just woken up. Prepare for chaos.

    NOTE: You may skip questions that do not apply to you. Do not pick randomly if no options apply.