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  • Ok so you know you are enlightened, now it's time to show everyone else. This test will compare your answers to the ideas that have expressed enlightenment across cultural boundaries. Do note though that enlightenment in this test refers to the idea originating from the Indian traditions, and therefore borrows heavily from that tradition. Disclaimer: (since I've gotten so many opinions mailed to me) It's a quiz of a subjective subject, at best it captures a single view of what that subject it. Is it an educated view based on philosophies and doctrines of enlightenment? Yes. Does that make it objectively right? No. I am more than open to specific changes that need to be made or specific adjustments to the ideas in the quiz, but just messaging me to say there is no way this can test whether or not you are really enlightened is something I already know. Hell if there were a test for that I doubt any of us would be here doing this.