• Hi! And welcome to my How much of a Bad Ass are you? test. This is going to test your decision making skills in a varitey of situations. What would you really do if there were vampires, zombies, or other assorted creatures of the night? What would you do if a wild animal attacked you? How much of an intimidating figure are you? If you could have your own theme music, what would it be? This is an attempt to consolidate all of the other tests I had fun taking, and this is my tribute. I hope all the zombie test people are proud. This test will measure 4 things: Attitude- How you decide to handle a given situation. Higher scores give you more of an intimidation factor, lower yields cowardice. Common Sense- If you are able to use your head in a given situation. Higher scores give you more of a wits bonus and lower scores yield retardedness. Mentality- This measures weather or not you chose to deal with a situation. If you don't believe in ghosts, then they can't hurt you, right? Survival- This aspect will measure your will to survive. It will also focus on your overall knowledge of mythology and methods on the most efficient means of disposal of any presented target. Intimate knowledge of the anatomy of myths and your surroundings is a big plus here. That is how I'm gonna be scoring this bad boy. The higher your scores in all the given areas make you that much more of a Bad Ass. There is a lot of foul language in this test. It is not meant for little kids, nor big babies. If you are easily offended, please refrain from taking this test. I also created the Grammar Knotsee test. Take it if you like :) Feedback is welcome/appreciated be it positive or negative. Thanks for your time. ** EDIT ** I am a dumbass. I could have SWORN I mentioned the prize. There is a special prize if you get in the highest ranking. It is truly unbelievable. ** EDIT ** Added art. Yay! You can now die in color! ** EDIT ** I made the rankings a little more demanding. It is now harder to get the best score! You now need 50+ attitude, 71+ common sense/mentallity and 90+ survival. I hope you can handle it! The correct bonus answer now adds 15 points to each category, so that should help you get the prize!

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