• "A word of advice Durk: It's the Mesolithic. We've domesticated the dog, we're using stone tools, and no one's naked any more."
  • How much of a nudist are you? This survey will help you answer that question. Taking your clothes off to shower doesn't qualify you. Taking your clothes off to take this test might. Being a nudist isn't just about doing things naked. It also has to do with how you think about yourself and how you present yourself to others. It's also about how you feel about other people's right to be nude. You can't be a nudist if you're grossed out by old people, fat people, or hairy people. They have a right to be nude too. And it's not about sex. Being an exhibitionist doesn't make you a nudist. It's also about how you see the world. Are you ready? Let get naked!
  • Hi! And welcome to my "How much of nudist are you?" Test. I'll be using advanced binary intuition to determine your true nudiness.

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