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  • Hi! And welcome to my how STACKED is your RACK? Test. This test was created to help women determine just how TOP-HEAVY they are, without having to go to the post office, whip 'em out, and plop them on the postal scale. In order that we may grade on a, well, "curve", the actual weight of your boobs is mitigated by a few other minor factors, such as their proportion to the weight of the rest of your body; whether they have been surgically altered; and even their response to gravity. There is also the matter of just how much lust and agression your rack has inspired in the male portion of the population. Those completing the test will be designated: HEAVYWEIGHT; MIDDLEWEIGHT; LIGHTWEIGHT; or FEATHERWEIGHT. NOTE TO DUDES: If you MUST take this test, fine. I just hope you're answering the questions on behalf of a favorite busty babe, and not yourself. And still, just as a matter of principle, guys start the test with a 10 point disadvantage.

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