• After having spent some time collecting the most endearing sentiments addressed to me by sundry admirers in IMs or MSs, and trying to puzzle them out, I had the perhaps silly notion that some of the other wooed ladies might be amused by my efforts. And who knows? There might even be the odd male or two who finds them funny. In that case, you I might even enjoy hearing from. Please note: All statements given in bold are messages I have received from hopeful cupids. In virtually all cases, they are also given complete. All I ask you to do is to pick your favourite interpretation of/reply to them. The results of this test will tell which kind of woman your wooer will find you. PS. I have updated the test slightly with a couple of further memorable messages sent me, but I trust that it nevertheless remains the same trusty tool for finding insights into your (or, perhaps more to the point, you suitor's) personality.

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