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  • Jesus Christ was an idealist. Adolf Hitler was an idealist. An idealist is one who fervently believes that a world (term used not necessarily literally) ideal to them and/or to the people whom they hold fit to judge, can be created. This invites you to consider a new view of idealism and see how you fit into it. Value judgments can seldom be made, and in those cases only to extreme cases of implementation. I have tried to avoid any such judgments in comparing realism versus idealism here. If you are a straight ticket realist, that's not necessarily bad. It's just a consequence of your personality. The intent here is not to stratify or intensify divisiveness; I would personally consider myself a libertarian anarcho-capitalist, and I hold myself to be very much an idealist. A socialist who seeks institutionalization of equality and would work to make it happen is an idealist. A conservative Christian who believes in, and would fight in, a crusade against evil is also an idealist. Idealism has much to do with what you are willing to sacrifice on the basis of reality, and what would stick with you in spite of it. I humbly offer you to see how my system would place you.