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  • This test will, very crudely, attempt to assess your average impulsivity. As such things can not be determined within a few questions you shouldn't take it too seriously, but I suppose you weren't going to anyway. Nonetheless, I've tried to single out the impulse control factor as much as possible, creating little overlap with such things as average attention span. Impulsivity, in this context, means a tendency to initiate or change current actions and direct your attention to them without much need for external stimulation. Or, in layman's terms, how quickly you'll be convinced to give in to a desire. While low impulsivity may be a good thing, in extreme forms it can also mean behavioral rigidity so it's not like there are definitive good or bad scores on this, as long as it's not an extreme either way. I realize the questions may be a bit biased, but I can't help that. I try to keep them as balanced as possible. Now, have fun!