• So you think you know music? Think you've heard all the good music out there? Do you want to prove to someone that you're quasi-deep when it comes music? Take my Insanely Hard (Damn Near Impossible) Music Diversity Test. I'm gonna bring craploads of question from multiple genres, multiple artists, and multiple languages to see if you truly have a hard-on for music, and by diversity, I'm talking about stuff you don't really hear on the radio much, if at all. The songs were selected more or less at random (as in I skipped a few songs but left WMP on random), and if people doubt that I really listen to these songs, then go right over to last.fm and look me up (SolarStone74205) Be warned, there is a high probability that you won't know the greater majority of these artists. Knowing that, please don't cheat.

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