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  • Welcome to my Kinsey-n-Klein Redux Sexual Orientation Test! (Beta testing version 2.0) This test blends the topics from both Kinsey Scale and Klein Sexual Orientation Grids in questions that will hopefully give you a reasonable idea about your sexual orientation. Unless you are asexual it which case we love you... we're just not sexually attracted to you (he he). In all honesty, it is true Kinsey studied asexuality but this test does not account for it. Sorry :) Ok- how to play: For all questions, if it is something you do not do, answer how you would if you were to. If it is something you have not done, answer how you would if you were in the position to do so. You know, itÂ’s like the middle school, choose the best answer style tests. So, put your backpack under your chair take out a number two pencil, and keep your eyes on your own paper.