• *** PLEASE READ *** This test ONLY has 15 questions. My definition of the phrase “Magical Thinking” is based on how much a person relies on gut or subjective experience to form beliefs, opinions, or conclusions. It is the opposite of “Evidence Based Thinking”. The higher the score, the more you use “Magical Thinking”. Through out our lives we have all had magical thinking pop up. This test measures your experience and your current thought trend. ***WARNING *** You may learn something about yourself or other people. Certain groups will be irritated by either the questions or my conclusions at the end. If you are a member of one of these groups and are offended, please write me - I like to debate in a rational and logical way. I won’t respond to a “Lemming”. If you find my test or scoring technically bad in some way, PLEASE email me and I will most likely make changes.

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