• Little Billy Goodman, what a poor life he had handed to him. His parents were wandering hippies, who followed Phish around for years, and accidently had a kid one day during a 17 minute rendition of Phish's jam band version of "Puttin On The Ritz". They weren't fond of being parents, and it didn't really suit their lifestyle. One day, they left him in a trash can behind a Fort Wayne Indiana "Apple Bee's". Billy was five years old at the time of the incident, but due to the magic of a child's mind, he was able to blot out the memory of his parents, and replace all the trauma of the incident with the memories of watching "Break Dancing 2: Electric Boogaloo" Now, even though he starts to have a nervous breakdown everytime he sees people breakdance, he's actually doing well for himself. His foster parents, however, have given him up on him. Now, it's your job to raise him. Why? Because you signed the peice of paper, and now he's your's. Look, I don't know who told you this contract was for Tae Bo lessons.. What do you mean, your lawyer? Get the fuck out of my office, and take the little shitbag with you. GO! THIS CONTRACT IS LEGAL!

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