• This is the Manliness test. It will, of course, test just how manly you really are. It judges The old type of manliness, epitomized by Lumberjacks, and the new manliness, epitomized by that 17-year-old kid down the block who can fix anything electronic, ever. This test is totally open to women, though they shouldn't be expecting a high score in the old style of manliness. Now, with all due respect to MXC, Let's...Get it on!
  • Test stats: # With respect to Manliness, users aged 30 to 34 scored highest. # With respect to Nerdiness, users aged 60 to 64 scored highest. Okay, I figured 30-34 would be pretty manly, but what's up with the old people? They're all nerds. Huh.
  • ^Damn that's manly. Also funny. This picture readily available through Maddox's new book, The Alphabet of Manliness. Maddox is the pirate in the picture.

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