• Hi! And welcome to my MARIJUANA ew ew that smell Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature,and if you even know what the hell it is , what the hell to do with it , and it has multipurpose use (yes vinny it can and has been use in the sexual act and art of lovemaking,fucking,screwing,coitus,sexual intercourse,busting a nut,walking the dogg,slamdunking the meat,bumping foreheads,and baptising willy.ie.,if I forgot any please let me know ,I have to keep up on the slang or Ill be in a habit forever)And acccording to medical books it can rid a bed of bed bugs by placing it between the mattress and the box spring(try explaining that to the,DEA,CIA,FBI,SIU,SP and your local COUNTY MOUNTIE.....LET ALONE GRANDMA)THE AUTHOR ACCEPTS NO LIABILITY ON THE PART OF THE VIEWER FOR.....DESTROYING THE SCREEN OF THE CHOSEN DEVICE USED FOR VIEWING BECAUSE OF...THE ATTEMPT TO GET TO THE NORTHERN LIGHTS VARIETY SHOWN ON THE SCREEN,SETTING THE COMPUTER ON FIRE TO GET A BUZZ,ATTEMPTING TO SELL THE IMAGE WITH THE COMPUTER AND TELLING THE BUYER THAT THE OWNER OF SAID COMPUTER GOT HIGH ON IT SO THEY SAID THEY WOULD ALSO,AND OR ANY OTHER USE,MISUSE OF SAID PICTURE AND OR SCREEN INCLUDING AND OR NOT LIMITED TO SEXUAL ACTS WITH THE VIEWING DEVICE,WHETHER PLUGGED IN OR NOT,AND OR THE CARRYING SAID COMPUTER AND BEING CAUGHT WITH IT AND BEING CHARGED WITH POSSESSION..(state laws vary)AND OR ANY OTHER DISCLAIMER THAT MAY OF BEEN LEFT OUT(LISTEN UP VINNY)

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