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  • Welcome to my Meeting Leo Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine how well we fit on a date or as friends or... If an answer doesn't fit 100%, pick the one that's suits you best (better than skip the question all together). There will be three main categories that show how well YOU fit ME: Knowing leo determins how well you know and/or judge me (cheating is allowed). Friendship should be selfexplanatory and Sex will determin how well we would click in and out of bed. There is also a fourth category that will give you an idea of how well I fit YOU. A word of warning: The test might be a bit lengthy. Also, if you're easily offended by sexual content you should not take the test. Remember that this test is not competitive but just for fun. Now sit back and enjoy - and let me know if the result matches with the match percentage OKCupid gave us.