• Okay, so this really started off as a joke for me to get my profile up to 100% complete, as I am a perfectionist. But alas, that perfectionist attitude has gotten the best of me and I have decided to make this test a little less of a waste of time. Anyways... A misanthrope is a person that hates people to loosely define it. If you didn't know that... go back to high school. I like to consider myself a misanthrope, but truely, psychopaths are probably the only true misanthropes. But yeah, if you hadn't caught it yet, this test is supposed to determine just how misanthropic you are. How origional right? As for accuracy -- this is all kind of a joke... I mean honestly... as if a few questions could tell me how much you hate people... who's to say you're not lying anyways? Well, I tried to make this at least a little bit fun, so pardon some of the more out there answer choices. If you've got comments and what not, go ahead and send them to me... I probably will just tell you to fuck off... but you never know.

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