• Hi! And welcome to my can ever find my soul mate Test. This test has 49 questions, but dont run away just yet, most are very simple questions, and shouldnt take to long to answer. Please remember to score this test after compleating. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your true nature. LOL who am I kidding. I am looking for my true love, since no one cares to spend the rest of there life togeather any more, and most are to busy to try and make things work. I thought I have found true love many times, and the last time was the most devistating, because I could give no more, and they dont feel the same. so, I decided to try this way, just to see if my true love is beyond the horizon that I can see. If you are out there, I wish to be yours. And men f you wish to try this go ahead intresting results, lol. But its made for a lesbian.

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