• Hi! And welcome to my 'No speaka English' word Test. This test is an English language word test and is quite a challenge. It'll separate the good, the average, and the probably-an-illegal-immigrant.
  • While there isn't any foul language, most questions contain adult themes such as; politics, war, sex, drugs, death, religion, violence, more death and much more death. Don't say I didn't warn you! Try not to be distracted by my childish humor... there are some tough questions.
  • Try the test at least once without looking stuff up first, you may surprise yourself! Try also to spot the "deliberate" mistakes in the questions and send me a note if you find any. If you like the test, please don't forget to give it a good rating. If you don't like it, please forget to give it a rating. :) Good luck and may the bestest, err... I mean best, person win.

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