• This is not your ordinary trivia test. Some of the questions DO NOT HAVE THE CORRECT ANSWER LISTED. If you don't think I've listed the correct answer, skip the question. In case you aren't sure what the heck I'm quacking about, the first two questions are samples. They're probably not necessary--I'm sure you're smart enough to know what's what--but they are free points, so what the hey, am I right?

  • For this draft of the test, I've chosen to include two pages of random questions, a page of musical questions, and a page of literature and poetry questions. I've chosen music and lit to specialize in because most people are familiar with at least something from each of those areas. There will be more stuff later, and if you have any ideas for questions, I welcome them.

  • And yes, some of these questions are weird and/or obtuse. I did that deliberately, because it makes it a little harder to guess whether the right answer is there or not. I've tried to mix up easy questions with hard ones, so that the test will hopefully keep your interest. Without further ado, let the test begin.

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