• This test is based on a sub-arctic airplane crash scenario commonly used to test team work in corporations. Over a series of questions you will be asked to rank 15 items according to their usefulness for survival.

    It is October. You are flying with four of your colleagues from Schefferville in North West Canada to a research station where you will be spending the next two weeks. Shortly after take-off the pilot suffers a heart attack and the plane shallow dives into a frozen lake. You and your friends scramble to the shore, soaked to the waist, and turn to see the plane sink below the water. You have managed to rescue the following items, along with some small change and a small penknife:

    A magnetic compass
    A one gallon can of maple syrup
    One sleeping bag for each survivor
    A bottle of water purification tablets
    A six metre square, heavy-duty canvas sheet
    A box of waterproof matches
    A 20 metre length of rope
    A working, battery-operated flashlight
    One pair of snow shoes
    A standard bottle of rum
    A safety razor and shaving mirror
    A working wind up alarm clock
    A small hand axe
    An airplane inner tube
    A book titled "How to Navigate by the Stars"

    The upcoming questions will ask you to rate the relative importance of these items for your survival. Your chance of survival will then be calculated and rated according to the rankings given by a team of survival experts with experience of search and rescue in this inhospitable area. Good luck!