• Ever wonder how those 10-20 question compatibility tests actually ever prove anything? Well I have! So, I'm gonna show people how to really do it right! This monster will be grueling, you'll most likely quit before you finish. I wouldn't blame you, as this bad boy has a bare minimum of 100 questions. Yeah, you read that right, 100 questions. By the end of this, you'll know for sure if you and I would match up, which is the entire point of these types of tests anyway. One word of advice, log out now and click the box that keeps you logged in until you log yourself out. After all, you wouldn't want to time out and not have your hard earned results recorded, now would you? Now, this test is aimed towards women, but men can take it as well, if only to get some ideas for their own compatibility tests. ^_~ Now if you're all set, why don't we get rolling? And hey, even I only scored 95%. *slight note I forgot to mention* Wrong answers (and they do exist) subtract from your score.

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