• We know you're out there... those men and women like Edward Teach and Mary Read who have the strength, will, and utter ruthlessness needed to be real pirates. The problem is that too many people have seen Peter Pan and none alive today have seen a real commandeering on the high seas. This test is for those who think they know their places, faces, and cold hard realities of the golden age of piracy. Most of these questions revolve around the buccaneers of the 1700's, just like you've seen in too many movies. If you think you're smart and seaworthy enough to be one of them, then prove it... just beware of the myths and romantic crap that most people believe. You'll need a brain as sharp as a cutlass to make it through these waters. (Here's a hint for you: The movie "Pirates Of The Caribbean" was really well researched, for the most part.)

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