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  • This test will test your knowledge of the popular web series, Red vs Blue: The Blood Gulch Chronicles. It will cover all of what has happened to episoide 45. People who are new to this series beware. Here's how it works. I ask you a question. 20 questions, 20 answers. If I don't get the answer I like, we've got a problem. And when we've got a problem, YOU'VE got a problem. Questions are on episodes and casting ONLY. No PSAs or sponsor videos or any of the special vids on the DVDs and shit. Each question has ONE (1) right answer. TWO (2) of them will be wrong, and the remaining ONE (1) will be COMPLETELY WRONG, meaning you LOSE a point. This is to throw a monkey wrench into random guesses. Every skipped question results in a loss of a point as well. Mmmkay? category pics are from chris mark's transcripts website, and are used without permission, but i'm sure he won't mind if i plug his web site in here.