• Reincarnation, which means "to be made flesh again", puts forth the idea that the very essence, or soul, if you will, survives the experience of biological death to be reborn into a new body. Believers in reincarnation feel that the personality is developed gradually during each life in the physical world. This development is based upon past, integrated experiences and newly acquired experiences, and some part of the being remains constantly present throughout each successive life. Most believe that there are lessons to be learned in each life to advance through the planes of existence, eventually ending in a state of perfection and bliss often termed as Nirvana. Following the principle of transmigration of the soul, beings die and their form upon return is of a 'higher' or 'lower' kind depending upon the virtue of their just-finished life. This includes interchange between human, animal and plant souls. With this in mind, this test will determine what pet you would be reincarnated as in your next life based on your "virtuous" life.

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