• Hi! And welcome to my Seven Churches Test. This test will let you know which of the seven churches of Revelation fit your spirituality. Be honest about your shortcomings. Pick the description that you identify with the most.
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    1. My spiritual weakness is that I cant bear them which are evil. I also have to be reminded to love Jesus as I did when I first became a Christian because I have left my first love and dont serve him with as much passion as I did at first.


    My spiritual strength is that I use my God given abilities to further Gods kingdom and I never get tired of serving the Lord. I have a lot of patience with unbelievers and I have the discernment to know if someone is merely pretending to be a Christian. I also believe that anyone can read the Bible no matter how educated or simple they may be.


    So they are workhorses for the Lord and really know their Bibles. They just don't always deliver God's truths in love. They have sound doctrine and they can tell you who the wolves are and false prophets. However, they also hate the Pergamos church and tend to call out Pergamos as wolves when they are not simply because of Pergamos' bad doctrine about conning people out of money. The value of the Ephesus church despite their lack of loving attitudes is that they can help a new believer to have good doctrine.

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    2. My spiritual weakness is that I am afraid I could not be faithful until death, if I am martyred.


    My spiritual strength is that I suffer tribulation and poverty for Jesus even to the point of being imprisoned or martyred.


    So unless you are faced with dying for your faith on a regular basis like Christians in China then this is probably not you or you should move to a place like China and face persecution with them as a missionary. They are valuable because they are able to bring the faith to areas that are ruled by other religions like Muslims and other such places and establish a heart of Christianity in a dry spiritual region. They are desert warriors.

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    3. My spiritual weakness is idolatry, and fornication.



    My spiritual strength is that I live out my Christian faith even though I live in a place where most people are not Christian. I would not deny that I love Jesus even when my friends or fellow Christians get bullied or killed for saying that they believe in Him. (i.e.: Columbine)



    So they are swayed by temptation and may believe some crazy doctrines sometimes but none of that stops them from staying a Christian and even dying for their faith if put to the test. They are the only ones capable of bringing light to the darkest of places and as such make great missionaries but other churches have to clear up the bad doctrines they leave behind. They particularly have bad doctrines regarding money and tend to con people out of their money. They are sometimes guilty of incorrect doctrine because they trust that their leaders are educated enough to know and so they trust completely. They don't believe that the simple minded can understand the Scriptures without a leader to guide them to truth. They believe that the Bible has to be interpreted by an educated person or that the original Greek is the only reliable source to interpret the Bible.

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    4. My spiritual weakness is that I struggle with being seduced by fornication, idolatry, and letting women have the leadership role when they should be submissive like Jezebel. I usually do not give in to those weaknesses and as such my main struggle is continuing to believe in Jesus until the day I die.


    My spiritual strength is my love for nonbelievers. I also grow in my works, love, service, faith, and patience the longer I am a Christian.



    So they are swayed by anything supernatural and have to be careful or they may dabble in the occult. They are swayed by temptation but equally swayed by righteousness and developing good moral character. This is the church with the weekly altar call to confess sin. They are great at outreach to the lost souls and tend to be evangelistic and missionary minded. These are the churches that prove that supernatural power does exist. For the most part, as long as the men lead, they have good doctrine. They are known for their power against the forces of darkness and for bringing lost sinners to Christ by the dozens. These are the mega churches (granted some mega churches are led by wolves because like attracts like and there are a lot of wolves in this world so the way you know if a mega church is godly is to find out their views on the supernatural. If they are not Thyatira, chances are that they are not godly). They have great power and great love.

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    5. My spiritual weakness is that even though I appear to be the ideal Christian on the outside, it is a front. On the inside I am spiritually dead.


    My spiritual strength is that I live out the Christian lifestyle.



    So they are great at living out the Christian walk but they lack passion. These churches tend to be rather boring and though they go through the right motions and teach mostly good doctrines, they are dead spiritually. They are able to bring in the people that are introverted or old people that can't handle a lot of excitement. They are also great at bringing in the simple minded. They love to feed the poor and they often do acts of service for the Lord but they forget to mention that they are doing it in Jesus name. They may mention their church name and usually they are very philanthropic. They are generous givers of their time and resources.

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    6. My spiritual weakness is that I am easily swayed by men away from God and I am not sure if I will believe in Jesus until the day I die.


    My spiritual strength is that I have a little strength, and have kept Gods commandments, and have not denied His name. I am not easily tempted by the world. I have a great passion and love for the Lord, those I love, and other believers.


    So, this is the most passionate for God of all the churches. It is similar to Thyatira in its desire to form godly character but it is not as easily swayed to the dark side like Thyatira. This church is also similar to Thyatira in its love for others, however, Philadelphia is more inwardly loving of its inner circle of believers and loved ones and Thyatira is more outreaching to the lost unbelievers and loving of them. Philadelphia Christians do not want to leave God's presence and have a stronger conscience than other believers. They have good doctrine and can be strengthened by Ephesus Christians if they start to drift from the faith. They are not easily peer pressured, however, they do have to surround themselves with other Christian friends and environments or they will be easily swayed away from the faith. This type needs to have only Christian or Messianic best friends. They are either all or nothing and never in between. This is the only church that can reach the Jews. Also similar to Thyatira, this church outreaches but mostly just to the Jews. If you have a strong desire to learn another culture but are not really interested in tribal mission work then it may be that you are called to this church to take on the culture of the Jews and be a missionary to Israel.

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    7. My spiritual weakness is that I am lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot.


    My spiritual strength is that I am rich, and I never go hungry, and have need of nothing.


    So they are all talk and no walk. They refer to the good Lord but don't live a life that proves they believe in Him. They are passionate one minute and cold and passionless the next minute and usually reside in lukewarm fence territory. They are never full persuaded of which side of the fence to be on and so they don't make a solid decision to follow Christ as master. They preach alot about grace and forgiveness but not enough about living for Christ now that you are free.  They are New Testament only Christians and do not believe in the Old Testament laws at all. This church spurs on other churches to be more hot or more cold by learning from their bad example. Many sermons are preached in each church type about not being like the lukewarm Christian. They are the scapegoat and often called a hypocrite although Thyatira and Pergamos is at times called a hypocrite too.

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