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  • Why hello... We're so pleased you came (ahem). You've clicked on a test with 'sex' in the title. Manipulating the masses is barely even an art-form these days. However, now that we have you - muhahaha - sit back and enjoy the ride. Alternatively, stab yourself in the leg with forks - whatever does it for you. This test was 'conceived', if you will, as a collaborative effort between aquabatix and lipstklibrarian after a long, languid, liquified conversation about the mechanics of the copulatory activity. It's not for pussy-cats, although hopefully it'll make you purr and / or yowl as if in excrutiating pain and rub yourself up and down walls. It is aimed at boys who like girls, but other demographics, don't be shy - lipstklibrarian is a very accommodating woman, you know... We tried to work out how to copy this test into lipstklibrarian's profile too, but as this involves understanding computers, double X chromosome prevented such action. However, please be sure to come and say hello to us both, and, equally, do try to ensure we both get copies of the hate-mail. We love you guys. Aquabatix and Lipstklibrarian, London, 2006