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  • Hi! And welcome to my Sexual Inventory test. Basically, what you're about to do is rate a bunch of sexual activities based on how likely it is that you'll do them. It doesn't matter if you've already done them, or if you've never thought about it until now, the idea behind this test is to find out what interests you, and what you'd be willing to do. Actually, I got the idea for this test from a friend, who's getting married. He went through the whole pre-marriage counselling, and one of the things they talked about was sexual compatibility, and how it wasn't necessary for both partners to have similar experience or similar interests, so long as they were both willing to go along with the other's activities once in a while. So, there you have it - I didn't make this test, I ganked it from some dude. I did, however, assign the categories at the end. They were the clear logical consequence of the questions, as far as I could tell. I also made up a few questions, to fill in the gaps, and try to make this test applicable for all genders and orientations. But that's it; I can't take credit for anything else. So, to recap: Rate each activity based on how willing you are to do it. It's easy; I have faith in you.