• NOTE: This is just a BETA, it's my first time and i want to perfect this test, however someone was bugging me to get it up, so here it is, missing a few and no pics. :( ----------------- Hello, Welcome and Good day to you. This is my sexual positions Test. It's basically a check list for all you sexual devents out thier who want to make sure they've got sex covered. So much for advanced logic, it's simply a test to see how much fun you're really having :) Disclaimer, now there are many varations of sexual positions, you standard has at least 5, i will include only the major ones, cos most people do the others by just moving positions.:) This test also doesn't discriminate, but does generalise. So when i say recieved anal sex, that can be from a man, or a woman with a strap on. Feel it how you will. :)

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