• So you think you know everything about Sherlock, huh ? We'll, it is imperative you test your wit. Who knows, you might even pick up some sleuthpoints along the trail ?? And without further adieu an appropriate quotation: "Not long ago, in the London showroom of a dealer of rare books I asked to have a look at a first edition The Hound of the Baskervilles. 'Oh, God,' came the answer. 'It must be an American.' I freely confess to being an American. But I'm not sure what an interest in Conan Doyle should reveal this to a rare book dealer: Was it because only an American could afford the prices he was asking ? Or was it, as his tone suggested, that only an American, with an American's suspect taste in literature, would be interested in a second-rater like Conan Doyle." -Daniel Stashower

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