• Welcome to your own test! It's been designed for you, just for you and only for you.

    Every one of us is predictable. Depending on your previous experiences and education, you are more likely to choose something that strongly affected you.

    I will ask you a few questions about a few events in your life, then at the end give you a hopefully appropriate description of yourself.

    Some of the questions will be long and very detailed. This generally gives much better results. If you don't have time to go through all of them,  you should not be taking this test!


    I want you to keep in mind that it's a lot harder to do this with an online test; Hence, you will be put in one out multiple possible categories, with what likely happened in your past, and what kind of person you are.

    At the end, I will explain you how and why I'm doing this. If you already know that, you may still enjoy the test. :)