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  • Hi, I'm Caranthír. I'm a guy. This is a compatibility/personality test I created for women to take. This test is designed to reveal the girl of my dreams. I'll be using advanced logical algorithms that include probability theory, conditional probability and fundamental discrete distributions(so you know I did it right) to predict what our relationship would most likely be, if we were to meet in person. I'll also provide an in-depth analysis of your character and personality, so I know what I'm getting myself into. We'll then know how well we connect, and on what level. This test is designed to be fair and impartial, so the only thing you need to do is be honest and have fun!
  • DISCLAIMER STARTS! In case of emergency(that means you don't like the results you receive, or you start to mutate), keep two things in mind: 1. my reality is not your reality, which is to say that only you have the right or ability to define who you are; and 2. since I don't actually know you, my opinion shouldn't mean anything anyway, no matter what I say, whether I'm right or wrong. You did all the clicking, not me. No one made you do it. I was just sitting here minding my own business, bothering no one at all when all of a sudden you come along answering question after question, so don't blame me if all your feel-goods get wrecked. DISCLAIMER ENDS!
  • Click the button below... If you dare! ...don't forget, there's a possibility the nano-bots will make your head explode. I did tell you about the nano-bots, didn't I? No? What about the ninjas? I didn't mention those, either? Well, at least I mentioned the mutation, right!? Don't look at me that way! I warned you this is a dangerous test. Now get in there and show me what you're made of! Quit farting around...